About Us

Leather Walls is a dynamic, small company based in Woodstock, Cape Town specializing in exquisite leather wall paneling and beautiful bespoke leather furniture pieces.

The team of highly skilled leather craftsmen have years of combined experience between them, enabling the skill, vision and artistry to create their innovative designs.

All their combined experience, across the board, in the leather industry, has led to their current focus, Leather Wall Paneling.

Setting new trends, in the industry of wall coverings, Leather Wall has taken the age-old trend of leather as a medium to keep the elements out and the comfort in and perfected it for the contemporary home of today.

They are pioneers in the manufacture and installation of leather wall services.

Leather Walls is a unique creative way to add a dynamic, specifically customised look to your environment whilst having many more benefits over and above its aesthetic appeal, such as sound proofing, temperature gauging and easy maintenance to name a few.

The company ethos is innovation, service and quality!



Discuss your needs with you, your architect or Interior Designer and advising you on how best to incorporate Leather Wall Paneling
Meeting you on site to discuss your options
Working within your budget to achieve the best results at the best price
Tweaking ideas to make transportation and installation easier
Producing samples to assist when presenting to the client


We translate your concepts into workable solutions.

Supply us with your ideas or drawings, even if they’re rough concepts, and we can show how to integrate Leather Wall paneling effectively into your project.


We manufacture all of our products bespoke to meet the specific needs of each individual client.


We have a specialist installation team who travel to all our installation sites nation-wide.

All products are made from the finest quality leathers. Highest standards are always met, in all areas, of each project!

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